Health resources

General Student Medical Insurance

  • SIU School of Medicine requires all enrolled students have health insurance. To meet this mandate, all students will be billed the Student Medical Extended Care fee each semester that pays for the SIU Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Students who already have comparable health insurance coverage may request a refund of the Student Medical Extended Care fee by submitting a Petition to Waive.
  • Requests must be made during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters and a request must be made EACH semester that a refund is desired. Take note that students covered by an outside insurance carrier may further reduce claim costs by maintaining the SIU Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • All students are also assessed a non-refundable fee that provides primary care coverage at the following locations:
    • Carbondale – Student Health Center Student Health Center
    • Springfield – SIU Center for Family and Community Medicine
  • The SIU Student Health Insurance Plan provides health insurance coverage that complements the primary care coverage, covering expenses such as emergency rooms, hospitalization, surgery, ambulance, and specialty care. 

Find more information on the Student Health Services website or click on the links below.