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SIU School of Medicine accepts applications through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

All AMCAS applications receive an initial review. After this review, selected applicants are asked to submit supplementary information, including letters of recommendation. When all requested information has been provided, selected applicants are invited for personal interviews.

Since its beginning, preparing tomorrow’s physicians has been the central focus of SIU School of Medicine’s activities. Our vision for medical student education emphasizes solving real-world health problems rather than memorizing facts. The model that evolved provides our students with early exposure to patient care and demands they master a subject before progressing to the next level of training. 

SIU integrates basic and clinical sciences using a variety of hands-on learning methods. We were the first medical school in the nation to require a clinical competency examination before graduation—an exam that later became the model for current medical licensure examinations for all U.S. physicians.

The education that SIU students receive is designed to do more than produce superior doctors with well-honed clinical skills. Beyond the physiological aspects of doctoring, SIU places a priority on graduating empathetic, professional and humanistic physicians to pursue the mission — helping the people of central and southern Illinois meet their health care needs.

Students choose SIU School of Medicine for a multitude of reasons: our reputation for innovation, hands-on simulations, novel curriculum, size and friendly environment. With 80 students per class, the student-faculty ratio is 1:1. Small-group learning encourages collaboration over competition, forging strong bonds between classmates. 

During the four-year program, learners will also have ample research and community service opportunities to apply what they’ve learned within laboratories and neighborhoods. And the vast clinical experiences produce confident residents who are highly skilled, well-rounded and self-assured.

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine offers master’s and Ph.D. degree programs as well. For a list of graduate programs, see our educational degrees programs.

SIU School of Medicine is a state-supported public institution. Preference is given to applicants who are legal residents of the state or graduates of Illinois high schools. Individuals from rural or underserved areas of the state, and those seeking a change after a successful career in a health-related field or other profession are encouraged to apply.

Come visit us

You are invited to tour the Springfield and Carbondale campus any weekday. Contact the Admissions Office in Springfield or the Student Affairs Office in Carbondale for reservations. Student groups must be accompanied by an advisor.

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Filing of a formal application by the applicant through AMCAS:

Earliest date:  June
Latest date:    November 15

Earliest date:June
Applicant deadline for
responding to acceptance offer:
Two weeks from the date of receipt of notification
School application fee after screening:$75.00
Oldest Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) scores considered:2021 MCAT for 2024 applications

Note: To hold a place in the class, you need to send a deposit of $100.00 to the Admissions department; this is refundable until April 30th of the entering year.