Expenses for Class & Organizational Activities

The following procedures must be followed to receive payment/reimbursement for expenses related to Class & Organizational Activities:

  1. All expenditures must be approved prior to an event.  Please submit a Event Request Form to the Office of Student Affairs at least 30 days before the event for approval.   No payments/reimbursements will be made to students who do not receive prior approval.  The student responsible for any purchase must have the form signed by the class or organization chair/president or treasurer.
  2. Purchased can be requested to prevent reimbursement.  In order to do this, please complete the Request for Purchase by OSA Form.  Please allow 30 days for review and processes to be followed.
  3. Within 2 weeks following an expenditure, the original receipt for the expense must be returned to the OSA.  Please complete the Request for Reimbursement Form attach the meeting agenda or event itinerary and all supporting documentation. The vendor name on the Student Expenditure Approval form must match the vendor name on the receipt.  If using more than one vendor, you must complete a separate Student Expenditure Approval Form for each one.
  4. When food is served at an event, students are expected to work with OSA to purchase the food from vendors who will directly bill the school.  Please inform the vendor we are tax exempt.  For food events where attendance is 25 people or fewer, a list of participants or a sign-in sheet must be submitted with the expense/reimbursement request.  For food events where attendance is 26 people or greater, the total number of people attending the event must be attached to the receipt.