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Student Computer Purchase Information

The recommended computer specifications for the new curriculum have been received and approved. Information concerning the recommended specifications can be found on the library web site. The cost of your computer, accessories, and PDA (including a printer) cannot be funded above $1,500. 

The School of Medicine will approve the purchase of a tablet to be added to a students’ loan budget up to $600, effective August 1, 2015.

If you already own a computer, you may be able to upgrade it with less expense. Both SIU School of Medicine libraries have laptops that can be borrowed.

Since many of you will be using a Grad PLUS loan to cover the cost of your purchase, you are encouraged to look at all options before making a purchase and increasing your debt load. If approved, the additional loan amount will be credited to your Bursar’s Statement of Account and pay any charges due.  The Bursar’s Office will process any credit balance on your account and a refund will be processed. The refund will be less than the amount of your increase because the loan fee will reduce the loan. It also could be less if a portion of the loan is used to pay charges on your account.

REMEMBER:  Budget adjustments for computer OR tablet purchases are one time only. If you have already purchased a computer or tablet and requested the additional budget dollars, you cannot make an additional request.  This also means you can only add either the purchase of a computer OR a tablet, not both.

First-year students must wait until the August 1 to purchase their computers or tablets. Receipts must be dated on or after this date for the budget addition to be approved. All students must submit a Request for Personal Computer or Tablet Purchase Budget Increase and a receipt. The student's name must be on the receipt.  Computer or tablet budget increases for fourth-year students will not be made after December 1st.

Budget Increase for Purchase of a Computer or Tablet

The Higher Education Amendments allow for the purchase of a personal computer to be added to the student’s educational expenses (budget) that are used to determine financial aid eligibility. This allowance must be for a “personal computer” or tablet and must be “warranted,” “reasonable” and “documented.”

  1. The student must provide a statement indicating why the purchase of a personal com­puter or tablet is necessary for their School of Medicine academic program. This is to document that the purchase is “warranted.”
  2. Although a student may, of course, purchase the personal computer or tablet of their choice, the maximum cost to be added to the student’s budget cannot exceed $1,500 (this includes printer) for a computer or $600 for the tablet. This amount represents the average cost of the computers or tablets recom­mended by our Educational Affairs and Information Resources departments. If a student purchases a personal com­puter or tablet for less than these maximums, the lesser amount will be added to the student’s budget.  This restriction is necessary to document that the purchase of the personal computer is “reasonable.”
  3. The student must provide a copy of the purchase receipt prior to receiving an increase in the budget. This is to “document” the actual purchase. The receipt must show the student as the person purchasing the computer. For example, you cannot buy the computer or tablet on a parent’s credit card with the computer being shipped to you. The date of purchase on the receipts must fall within the enrollment period for which a budget increase is requested. We CANNOT accept "order acknowledgments or confirmations." To comply with federal regulations, we must have a RECEIPT/INVOICE to show you actually took delivery of the computer. We must have the receipt/invoice that comes with the computer or tablet.  Since internet orders must be put on a charge card, you can give us a copy of your charge statement showing the charge to your card if you do not receive a receipt/invoice.  Advances or short-term loans can be provided to enable the purchase.  Budget increases for incoming students can only be made for purchase on or after August 1. Budget additions for seniors will not be made after December 1st.
  4. Students will be allowed only one budget increase for the purchase of a personal com­puter or tablet. To request a budget increase, a student should complete the Request for Personal Computer or Tablet Purchase Budget Increase and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.