HOSTS Program - Student Registration

What you can expect

We encourage students to have a in-depth connection with the alumni host about the residency program, local hospitals and clinics, quality of life issues (e.g. local housing market, cost of living, and local school systems), and other pertinent topics. We hope students will approach the time spent with the alumni as a valuable learning experience. If the opportunity presents itself during a video call, please take a photo of yourself and your Host and send it to us. The photo will be used as part of a HOSTS program photo gallery on the School of Medicine alumni web page.

Students are ambassadors for SIU School of Medicine and should behave in a thoughtful, professional, respectful, and courteous manner at all times. 

IMPORTANT! Maintaining our alumni's privacy is paramount, so if/when you receive your alumni's contact information, the data is not to be shared or given to anyone else, or made public. By participating in this program, you agree to maintaining confidentiality for our alumni mentors. 

The registration form is going to ask you for the program name, city, state, and program specialty.  You can search and find this information on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) - public website

Proceeding to the registration page indicates you will abide by the guidelines for participation in the HOSTS program.

Please submit requests two weeks before interview dates to allow adequate time for a host match. Please be sure you are committed to the residency interview before submitting this request.

Requests for tentative interviews result in cancellations that may make alumni unwilling to agree to host students in the future.