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The Department of Emergency Medicine at SIU Medicine is home to an expertly trained and diverse group of emergency medicine providers serving central and southern Illinois.

Our faculty is dedicated to training the next generation of emergency physicians by relying on the most current evidence in technology, practice, and policy.  We offer clerkship and residency programs to promote excellence in education, clinical development and specialization.

For our patients, we provide real-time, life-saving services as well as ongoing educational opportunities to reduce the risk of becoming one of our patients in the emergency room.

Dr. Christopher McDowell in front of ambulance bay
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“Injury prevention of any kind is well within our scope, and we should be leading the charge to study ways in which we can improve the lives of those within our community. The beauty of this being in our lane is that more than advocacy groups on either side of the debate, we are well equipped to provide unbiased interpretations of objective data that can potentially save lives. The alternative is to continue to sit idly by, treating a growing number of increasingly devastating injuries and mourning alongside families, wishing we could’ve done more. This is our lane.” Read more

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Dr. Chris McDowell

Chris McDowell named Executive Associate Dean of SIU Medicine

Dr. Chris McDowell has been named the new Executive Associate Dean of SIU School of Medicine. He is an alumnus of the school (Class of 2005), chair of Emergency Medicine, an associate professor and the medical director for the Memorial Learning Center.
Mars mission 'Sandbox'

SIU Medicine alum begins NASA Mars mission

On June 25, Springfield emergency medicine physician and SIU School of Medicine alumnus Dr. Nathan Jones will begin a NASA mission that simulates living on Mars.
Firearm study US map

New study shows toll of firearm injury on U.S. children

Since 2020, firearm injuries have become the No. 1 cause of death in American children, according to the CDC. SIU Medicine's Dr. Ruchika Goel and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University studied national data to learn more about the children and adolescents affected, as well as the burden on hospitals and health care providers.
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