Ultrasound Divison

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The Division of Ultrasound was formed to further advance point-of-care ultrasound access and expertise at Southern Illinois University and its surrounding communities. Prior to its inception, the main focus of the faculty was the development of a core ultrasound curriculum for emergency medicine residents. This has now grown to where our faculty have many other responsibilities that include:

  • Developing and implementing SIU School of Medicine's undergraduate Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) curriculum
  • Developing and implementing POCUS electives for third and forth year medical students
  • Instruction of residents and attendings in other specialty programs (i.e. general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, etc)
  • Continuing medical education courses for physicians and nurses of varying specialties
  • Oversight of POCUS credentialing, image archiving, and quality assurance at our clinical training sites
  • Development of POCUS related scholarly work and obtaining grant funding to obtain educational resources for the training of our learners

As our work grows, our young division also expects to grow, and we look forward to a future spreading the knowledge of POCUS through our collaborative and innovative work.

The division chief of ultrasound is Dr. Jonathan dela Cruz.