Clinical Rotations

Student Rotations

Welcome to SIUEM! We are excited to present several student rotations to SIU medical students, SIU PA students, and visiting medical students. We have dedicated teaching faculty and residents in our two busy emergency departments. Students have given many positive comments on the diversity of patient presentations as well as the opportunity to see undifferentiated patients, care for critically ill and injured patients, perform supervised procedures and the high degree of supervised autonomy. SIUEM rotations also involve live didactics, procedure sessions, simulation training, ultrasound training and a well-developed online curriculum. For more details, please see our course descriptions below. Thank you for your interest!

Chinmay Patel, MD
Director of Undergraduate Medical Education


SIUEM Student Rotations MS4s Sub-Internship in Emergency Medicine: This course is a 4-week intensive clinical elective (ICE) than can count for credit in either medicine or surgery. EM Sub-Interns will complete 16 shifts in the emergency department. During these shifts, the MS4 is expected to see and manage their own patients under the direct supervision of an EM attending or a senior-level EM resident. This rotation is a great opportunity for students to hone their diagnostic skills, gain experience with ACLS/ATLS codes and perform procedures. The MS4 will participate in EM didactics, skills sessions and simulation sessions. Evaluation is based on clinical performance and shift attendance. As part of the students educational development they will give an oral case presentation and take a written examination.

An EM Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) can be provided based on this rotation by request.

Official applications may be completed through VSAS. More information regarding SIU visitor policies is available HERE.

Please contact Dr. Patel ( ) if you are interested in an away rotation at SIUEM.

SIUEM Electives (Currently Available Only To SIU Students)


Ultrasound Elective. The SIU Division of EM offers a unique ultrasound elective to medical students. The elective features a one-on-one teaching and bedside practice of ultrasound skills with its ultrasound director. Coursework includes access to ultrasound resources and podcasts, ultrasound shifts with the ultrasound director, participation in quality assurance reviews, and opportunities to teach ultrasound to more junior students at SIU.

EM Readiness Elective. All MS4s that plan to match into EM should sign up for the 2-week EM readiness course. The elective features a crash course in all the essential skills for a new EM intern. We will cover diagnostic reasoning, airway management, ACLS, ATLS, common procedures, and ultrasound.