About Us

Our Mission

The Medical Library meets its education, research, and patient care missions by:

  • Selecting resources to support advanced research, education, and teaching.
  • Providing a professional environment in which users can study, seek and create information, or explore new knowledge sources in a comfortable and conducive setting.
  • Allowing responsible users to access the Library's collection on-site.

Our Primary Users

SIU School of Medicine & Healthcare faculty, adjunct faculty, students, residents, grad students, physician assistants, and staff.

Patron Privileges

Library Card Yes
I-Share Books Permitted if no shipping cost is incurred
Books through Interlibrary Loan Not to exceed $60 per patron, per Fiscal Year
Articles in library collection Mediated service only
Articles not in collection          (Interlibrary Loan) $200 limit per patron, per FY. Single articles over $60 require departmental approval and payment.


Outreach Library

The SIU Medical Library serves as a state and regional resource through the provision of documents, selected reference, and outreach services.