Library Service Fees

Poster Printing + Article Scanning

The Library has a large format printer for printing posters for academic, scholarly, research and clinical work for affiliated users.

Affiliated users from departments that have paid the poster printing fee may also request articles or book chapters to be scanned and sent as PDFs via email.

  • Fee: $175 per fiscal year per department, paid by departmental fiscal officer
  • Affiliated Users: School of Medicine faculty, staff, researchers, residents and students from subscribed departments
  • Unaffiliated Users: Not available

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Fee Schedule

Book Loan

Illinois Fees: No charge
Out-of-State Fees: $15 per book

Article Scanning

Illinois Fees: $11 per document, plus $0.25 per page over 15 pages
Out-of-State Fees: $11 per document, plus $0.25 per page over 15 pages

Literature Search Service

Expert searchers will search the literature for topics of the requester’s choosing. Departmental fiscal officer signature is required to initiate service or personal payment.

School of Medicine Faculty, Staff, Researchers, Residents, and Students

Fee-based databases (i.e. PsycInfo, Embase, etc.) will incur charges to recover the costs of online access and the downloading of search results. These searches must be approved for payment in advance by the department fiscal officer or paid by personal check

Unaffiliated Users

  • $40.00 for free databases;
  • $40.00 + online charges for fee-based databases