The Medical Library is committed to fostering an environment that encourages learning and collaboration, while ensuring the comfort and safety of all patrons. 

  1. Food and Drink
    • Food and drink in sealed containers are allowed in the Medical Library except near computers or media equipment. Food waste, trash, and recyclables must be disposed of in designated bins.
    • Unopened food left behind will be put into the student refrigerator. It is the responsible of the medical students to keep the refrigerator clean. 
  2. Unattended Items
    • The Medical Library cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. For the security of your belongings, please do not leave them unattended.
    • Personal belongings found unattended at Library open (8am) or close (6pm) will be moved to Lost and Found. High value items will be locked in a secure location until claimed. If you notice any misplaced items, please report them to library staff.
  3. Noise and Quiet areas
    • The front half of the Library is designated as a collaborative area. While in this area, patrons may engage in conversations and group discussions at a respectful volume.
    • The back of the Library (the enclosed area with books and journals) is a quiet zone. Please maintain silence in this space to support individual study. Avoid engaging in loud conversations, phone calls, or any disruptive behavior.
    • Extended phone calls should be taken outside of the Library.
  4. Technology and Computer Use
    • Public computers are available for all patrons, subject to availability. 
    • All computer users must comply with the usage policies of Southern Illinois University. Internet filtering has been enabled on the public computers to comply with SIU usage policies. Inappropriate use may result in loss of access privileges to the Medical Library.
    • When listening to audio or visual materials, use headphones to keep noise confined to your space and not disrupt nearby patrons.
  5. Respect for Others
    • We expect all Library users to treat each other with respect and consideration. Disruptive behavior, harassment, or any actions that hinder others' use of the Library will not be tolerated.

Consequences for policy violations: Repeated violations of library policies may result in temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges.