Message from the Director

Welcome to the Medical and Dental Education Preparatory Program –MEDPREP website.  As the Director of MEDPREP, I am delighted to have a chance to write a few words about the program. We aim to make a difference in the medical school pipeline for underrepresented, minoritized and educationally disadvantaged students with a particular focus on students from central and southern Illinois. 

MEDPREP was founded in 1972 as part of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and in its nearly 50 year history has helped more than 1,300 students from Illinois and across the United States gain entry to medical and dental health professions schools.  We do this by employing an innovative curriculum that is designed to build student strength in areas that are key to success in medical and dental schools.  The program is staffed by a select group of dedicated professionals with knowledge in key subject areas as well as knowledge about the medical and dental school process.

We're at a time in our history when it is increasingly important to insure we provide greater access for traditionally underserved students in the medical profession.  Our goal is to create an environment where students can thrive, while getting the support they need to be successful medical professionals.  We do this by providing an innovative curriculum that enhances student learning in core science fields as well as in logical thinking and social sciences.  We will also provide support for our students as they transition to medical school.

 Over the next year, our team will embarked on an extensive planning process to set goals and strategies for the next five years by building on our past achievements, but also addressing areas for improvement. In 2022, we will celebrate 50 years of preparing students for careers in medicine.  We would love to hear from alumni of the program as well as others who have been significantly impacted by the work we have accomplished.

I invite you to explore our program and look forward to answering any questions or comments you may have.

Dr. Randolph Burnside, Ph.D