Enrolling Clinical Trials

Enrolling Clinical Trials

Laurent Brard, MD, PhD has a number of ongoing clinical research studies focused on developing diagnostic tests and treatment stratagies in order to improve gynecological cancer outcomes.

  • Acquisition of Human Serous Epithelial, Fallopian Tube or Primary Peritoneal Cancer Specimens and Serum for Genetic Analysis and Development of Novel Cell Lines (IRB# 12-509)
  • Diagnostic Utility of Culdocentesis in Patients with a Suspicious Adnexal Mass (IRB# 12-656)  Learn More    
  • Evaluating Novel Biomarkers for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer (IRB# 16-531)
  • Flaxseed as Maintenance Therapy for Ovarian Cancer Patients in Remission IND 125147 (IRB# 14-054)  Learn More
  • Biomarkers for Endometrial Cancer (IRB# 16-493)
  • NRG Oncology (GOG) Learn More

Andrea Braundmeier-Fleming, PhD is committed to discovering the role the microbiome plays on our immune system and how this affects disease.

  • Endometriosis and the Microbiome (IRB# 14-220)
  • Preterm Birth and the Microbiome (IRB# 14-185)

J. Ricardo Loret de Mola, MD is collaborating with a UIUC researcher, Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo, PhD, to investigate the association of Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes with Perinatal depression.  He is also devoted to establishing new treatment options to relieve the debilitating symptoms caused by endometriosis.

  • Diabetes, Prenatal depression and Self-rated Health: Exploring the Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy (IRB# 17-089) 
  • Endometriosis and the Microbiome (IRB # 14-022)

Anne Martin, MD is collaborating with Yahia Zeino, MD, along with Washington University faculty member, Dr. Lindsay Kuroki, to assess reasons for cervical cancer disparities between rural and urban populations.

  • Addressing Unmet Basic Needs to Improve Colposcopy Adherence Among Women with an Abnormal Pap (IRB# 17-105)

Don Torry, PhD has dedicated his research career to the study of common complications of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, and has collaborated with Dr. J. Ricardo Loret de Mola factors that may be involved with recurrent pregnancy loss.

  • Angiogenic Gene Expression in Trans-differentiated Human Decidual-like Natural Killer Cells (IRB# 15-291)

Casey Younkin, MD is an expert in general gynecology, and has developed an interest in bone health and vitamin D deficiency related conditions.

  • Vitamin D Deficiency and its Implication on the Fetus (IRB# 17-080)