Participating Departments

Internal Medicine
The resident on this rotation receives training in ambulatory primary care by attending the general medicine clinics as well as Prairie Cardiovascular Clinics. Full-time faculty members in the Internal Medicine Department supervise the resident.

This rotation is a one month rotation in the department of Pathology at Memorial Medical Center. Gross specimens are processed and examined microscopically by the resident who dictates the microscopic narrative under the supervision of faculty in the Department of Pathology. This resident participates in the weekly Pathology departmental Conferences.

Pediatrics, Division of Genetics
Faculty from this division provide didactic lectures to the residents as part of the core curriculum. The faculty provide teaching and assistance in managing patients that have genetic risks and/or complications. As a level III obstetrical and pediatric referral center, the volume and variety of genetic cases provides more than ample opportunities for practical teaching and application of genetic principles taught in didactic lectures.

Emergency Department
A resident is assigned to rotate in the emergency room under the supervision of Emergency Medicine physicians. During this rotation the resident has no other duties assigned.

Psychosexual Counseling
The Department of Psychiatry provides this training in seminar form every two years and on a consultation basis.

Ethics and Medical Jurisprudence
Medical Jurisprudence is taught in seminar form every two years by the Department of Medical Humanities.

Reproductive Healthcare Training
Reproductive healthcare training is provided by a team of faculty at Planned Parenthood of Illinois. 

Breast Clinic
Residents attend a breast clinic 1/2 day a week under the direction of the SIU Department of Surgery.