Forms & policies

The SIU Foundation has processes for soliciting, depositing, managing and disbursing private support. The forms and policies below can assist you in processing your requests.

Most of the forms are an Adobe fill-in format that you can save with your information.

Above is a link to a webpage highlighting the solicitation process and its forms.

Donor Forms

Below are a few form links which can be attached to a solicitation to provide additional payment options.

Gift Accounting Forms

Below are the forms you may need to deposit or inform the Foundation of a contribution or other acceptable revenue so that we can process the transaction and issue the donor a thank you/IRS gift receipt. See Contributions and Other Revenue help document for more information on this process.

Special Event Forms

Below are the forms you may need to process the transactions from a special event. See How to Manage a Charitable Special Event help document for more information on this process.

Accounts Payable Forms and Policies

The first link in this section is the Foundation’s purchasing and disbursement guidelines. We encourage anyone who is processing a request for payment read these guidelines prior to submitting their request. There are several forms depending on the type of transaction. Please note, a few types of transaction require preapproval. For additional information on these processes please see How to Process a Voucher help documents.

Account Maintenance Forms

Below are forms used to manage accounts and budget officer roles at the Foundation.