Personal & professional support

Judith Weis, MD, '92, met Paul Reger, MD, while they were completing their residencies at SIU School of Medicine’s Belleville family practice. This year they will celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary and 21 years of working together at Rural Family Medicine Associates in Mascoutah, Illinois.

Working together gives them a better understanding of the demands of their profession, helping them to support each other not only in their personal lives, but also in their professional lives. The couple thinks it’s important to give back to those who got them to where they are today. They feel that SIU was an integral part of shaping their lives.

“SIU trained me for this position,” Dr. Weis says. “I feel the school focuses on caring and learning about the patient as opposed to just knowing the science.” Dr. Weis’ undergraduate work in physiology prompted her to give back to the School of Science at SIUC. “I also pick the ‘in general category’ to donate to the School of Medicine because I feel like those who administer the funds know best where the money is needed.”

written by Rebecca Budde