Student Resource Fund

The Student Resource Fund (SRF) was established in 1997 by the SIU School of Medicine Alumni Society Board of Governors to enhance the student experience at SIU School of Medicine by funding educational and social needs that cannot be met through other fund sources. 

Examples of programs/projects that have been funded include:

  • Group membership for Springfield-based students to the local YMCA 
  • Supporting the students’ Winter Ball 
  • Remodeling of the Springfield and Carbondale student lounges 
  • Purchasing anatomical models 
  • MKSAP books for Internal Medicine clerkships 
  • Suture supplies and skills clinic equipment 

With the student's annual recurring needs (YMCA and Winter Ball), the SRF's continuation relies heavily upon our alum's generosity. We are so grateful to everyone who continues to donate to assist the students throughout their 4-year journey. Even $5 can go a long way if enough alums join together to help out. Please consider giving back and helping the students as you were once in their shoes. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

Students, faculty and staff are invited to submit requests for funding in January and the Alumni Society Board of Governors subcommittee reviews all proposals. Projects must benefit a large number of students and must meet an immediate and demonstrable student need. The Alumni Society Board of Governors makes final decisions at their spring meeting.

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