SIU Medical Library operates from 8am-6pm, Monday through Friday, for all patrons: students, faculty, staff, residents, research fellows, and public users.
For specific patron groups, the Medical Library provides 24/7 access for after-hours studying.

  1. Authorized Patrons
    • Undergraduate medical students and graduate students are automatically granted 24-hour access to the library. 
    • SIU School of Medicine residents, fellows, faculty, and staff must email the Library Director to request approval for after-hours access.
    • Public users not affiliated with the School of Medicine are not permitted after-hours access.
  2. Library Security
    • A School of Medicine ID badge is required to open the Library doors after hours. Security may request to see this badge to allow patrons to remain in the library when the building is closed. 
    • For security and personal safety, unauthorized patrons should not be allowed in the Medical Library after hours. Patrons should not assist others in gaining unauthorized access by “badging” someone in, holding the doors open, or propping the doors open. 
    • In case of any safety concerns or emergencies, patrons should immediately contact SIUSOM Security at 217-545-7777.
  3. Library Space & Resource Guidelines
    • The quiet area (the enclosed stacks with books and journals) is locked when the Library closes at 6PM. Patrons in this area at closing will be asked to relocate to the Library’s collaborative floorspace. 
    • Library materials not checked out at the circulation desk by closing time are limited to in-library use only. 
    • Users are expected to adhere to the Patron Conduct & Space Use Policies at all times.

Consequences for policy violations: Patrons found admitting unauthorized guests or violating patron conduct guidelines after hours will have their 24-hour access privileges revoked.