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8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

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Research Support and Consultation

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Our staff will help you with the following:

  • find quick, factual information
  • find relevant books, journals and multimedia
  • develop an effective search strategy for finding information; evaluate the information to answer the question
  • access services, materials and resources within the library
  • assistance and training on using our resources.

For questions that only require a short answer -  Ask a Question Form

Expert Literature Search Service

Our librarians will use their expertise to analyze complicated search questions to find the best results. We can search over 500 databases through several different search services for articles and books and are trained on the specific search requirements of each system.

Literature Search Request Form

  • Literature search requests can be submitted online, by telephone, or in person.
  • Searches conducted on fee-based databases (i.e. PsycInfo, Embase, etc.) will incur charges to recover the costs of online access and the downloading of search results. These searches must be approved for payment in advance by the department fiscal officer or paid by personal check.
  • Searches are usually completed within a week, with an exception for urgent patient care which can be completed on the next business day. Reference assistance is not available on weekends.
  • Search results are emailed to the requester. An EndNote import file of results may be included upon request.
  • See the Library Service Fees page for costs.

Software Support

We  support software programs including Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Camtasia, and EndNote.

Contact Us

Phone: 217-545-2113