Master of Biological Sciences with MEDPREP (MBS - MP)

The Master of Biological Sciences degree is a coursework-only (non-thesis) master's degree. Students in the MBS - MP Pathway complete a combined program that includes both MEDPREP coursework and graduate-level coursework in the biological sciences. Students complete MEDPREP courses and several graduate courses in the first year, and then take a variety of graduate-level courses in biology, physiology, microbiology, genetics, and biochemistry in their second year.

Pros of the MBS-MP Pathway

  • Graduate with an MBS degree, which may enhance your career options after MEDPREP/after professional school.

  • No required coursework in second summer – many students do research or service programs to gain experience/earn money away from Carbondale.

  • As a graduate student, you may have better options for obtaining loans.

  • You may be able to apply for a limited number of TA/GA positions (IN THE SECOND YEAR ONLY). Positions are not guaranteed.

  • Graduate school has some tuition scholarships available (can apply in 2nd year – scholarships are not guaranteed).

  • Potential opportunities to work in a medical school research laboratory in your second year

Cons of the MPB-MP Pathway:

  • Difficult graduate science course load, particularly in the second year.
  • MBS program will not significantly increase your chances of getting into medical school over the traditional program.
  • No MP tuition waiver eligibility.
  • Higher graduate school tuition.

The MBS-MP Pathway academic advisor is Dr. Cornelius Bondzi.



Kia - recent MBS-MP graduate                             Ihuoma - recent MPB-MP graduate

What made you decide to take the MBS program?

Ihuoma: I decided to enter this program because it allowed me to increase my research experience, as well as study the biological principles that I love. Of course, you want to take some classes that will aid in preparing you for the MCAT, but there is also some volition involved. Furthermore, a lot of the classes you take will either help you on the MCAT or the in medical school.

Kia: I was able to interact with faculty that I would not have met if I did take the MBS courses. In addition, we had a mini-cohort between the of Medprep MBS students in our campus class and I loved that we had that bond.

What unique experience have you had in this program?

Kia: I really wanted to improve my science GPA and have more challenging molecular biology courses.

Ihuoma: Most graduate courses are open to all the students in the program however, it is a lot easier to find research opportunities with an in-house professor or campus professors as an MBS student.