Pre-Medical Program

MEDPREP is a two-year, non-degree course of study designed to provide maximum focus on academic skill development and foundational knowledge in the sciences. This is our most popular program of study, for students preparing for medical or dental school (Students interested in dentistry: please also visit our pre-dental page). Typically, about two-thirds of MEDPREP students in each class are in the traditional program. Advantages include:

  • The most focused curriculum for sharpening foundational knowledge and improving academic skills.
  • More time available to prepare for the MCAT/DAT/GRE exams than master degree options.
  • The maximum credits in undergraduate coursework, for students interested in improving their undergraduate GPA.
  • Pay regular (in-state) tuition rate: undergraduates from all US states pay the same in-state rate.
  • All students accepted into MEDPREP qualify for the traditional program; MS degree options have additional requirements and fees.

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MEDPREP learner

Direction and guidance

"My favorite thing about MEDPREP would be the lifelong relationships that you make and the support from faculty. This program will get you where you need to be with hard work. If you need a chance and want to be a doctor, MEDPREP is the way to go."

-Barra, Traditional Path

Self-directed learning

"I became a more self-directed learner. I learned the way I study best, how to manage stress levels, when to take a mental break and when to push forward even when I was mentally tired."

-Rashod, MPH-MP student

Building confidence, character

MEDPREP has helped Felicia with "character building."

"I now know more about myself academically, spiritually and personally. I have gained more confidence and am more accepting of my growth."

-Felicia, Traditional Pathway

Turning weaknesses into strengths

"Use this time to investigate what your deficiencies are and improve on them. Do what works well for you and use what you learn as additional tools. But most importantly, do not slack. Do not slack off for one second."

Diwante, Traditional Path

Make connections

"MEPDPREP helped to improve my studying skills and the way I process information. I got a better sense of what type of learner I am and then an opportunity to adjust. Here, you are forced to make those connections."

-Tara, MBS-MP student