MEDPREP Student Resources

This page provides information for our currently enrolled and newly accepted students.

  • If you are a prospective applicant, please visit our Prospective Student Page to learn more about our program.

  • If you are a MEDPREP program alumnus, please visit our Alumni Page to catch up on MEDPREP news, update your contact information, and more!

  • General information about MEDPREP program structure and opportunities can be found on our ABOUT MEDPREP pages.

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Incoming Students

Acceptance Paperwork

Please note the deadline on your acceptance letter and return all required paperwork by the indicated date to hold your seat in the program.


Financial Aid


Information for Masters in Biological Sciences (MBS-MP) Pathway

Carbondale Area Information, Housing and Service Links

MEDPREP cannot endorse any particular housing options or service providers. All students are encouraged to make individual, well-researched choices for housing and services that meet their needs. You may find the following links helpful in exploring Carbondale area housing and service options.

Current Students


Student Progress Committee Forms

Tuition Waiver

MEDPREP Scholarships