Excel Budget Template


Please fill out the 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5-year budget template.

A Sample Budget is provided on the last tab.

The Excel Budget Template along with the Application Certification for External Funding and all other budget documents should be submitted to grants@siumed.edu 2 weeks before the submission deadline.

LATEST UPDATE: 02/23/2024
If you are using a previous version, please download and use the most updated.

The detailed budget must delineate the following for each year of anticipated funding:

For all personnel who will contribute to the grant, including name, department, position title, academic base salary and FTE, percentage effort on grant, fringes, and salary amount that will be charged to the grant.  This information documents anticipated faculty and staff effort, Associate Dean for Research and Department Chair approval, and assures that requested salary and costs have been correctly calculated. 
This will include both those who will be paid on the grant and those for whom cost-sharing will be requested. If cost sharing is requested, a Waiver Request for Voluntary Cost Sharing Form indicating the need and funding source must be approved by the relevant Department Chair.
Total funded effort by any individual cannot exceed 100% FTE. Effort paid through cost sharing is considered to be part of the individual's total committed effort.

Include all supplies and commodities, including animal use costs, all dilenated in general terms with calculations of expenses, and small items of equipment (<$5,000). For modular grants, dilenation is not necessary for submission, however, a detailed budget and justification is needed for Grants and Contracts Office approval.

Indicate persons or positions expected to travel and the estimated costs associated per trip, such as mileage, conference or meeting, hotel, and airfare. The current mileage rate can be found here: https://www2.illinois.gov/cms/Employees/travel/pages/travelreimbursement.aspx

Items with a useful life of more than one year and a total cost over $5,000 per unit. Justification and, if applicable, varying quotes should be submitted.

External contractual services, such as statistical support, Research Core Services, and other external contractual services should be listed with current rates and fees.

If the grant submission requires a subcontract with an external agency, a Subrecipient Commitment Form is required. The form must be completed by the external institution and submitted with the required documents no later than 2 weeks prior to submission. If planning to subcontract with an external agency, please contact grants@siumed.edu as soon as possible, and the Office will be happy to facilitate this process with the external institution. Please note, the terms consortium, subcontract, and subaward are used interchangeably.

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