Boot Camp

This exciting, innovative program was started in 2012 and is put on for our interns in the first month of their residency.

Here at SIU, we have residents who are from different medical schools, cultures, and even countries. Boot Camp was first proposed as a way to gauge each intern’s comfort level with different practical skills and knowledge of pediatric-specific topics. We then offer a program that prepares all interns to start their first clinical rotation confident in their skills, and well-aware of our expectations of them.

We expose our interns to key pediatric lectures and hands-on simulation for important procedures. We also do mock histories and physicals, and give them an in-depth introduction to our EMR. Finally, we put them in the clinic and on the inpatient ward: first in an observational role and then slowly introducing them to increased responsibility for patient care. Feedback from the residents regarding Boot Camp has been overwhelmingly positive – we are sure you will love it too!