Pediatric Residency Application FAQs

Q: Do we have a USMLE score/attempt requirement?
A: We require passing scores in 2 attempts.

Q: Do we sponsor VISA's?
A: The department currently does not sponsor H-1b VISAs.

Q: Number of years since graduation?
A: We prefer a recent graduation date. If you have not graduated within the last 2-3 years, we require a significant amount of clinical experience. This experience can be from your home country or the US.

Q: Is prior US clinical experience required?
A: It is not required, but we do prefer to see some US clinical expierence.

Q. Do tests have to be taken before interview?
A: No

Q. Will an observership count as clinical experience?
A: No

Q: Do we accept international medical graduates?
A: Yes. We currently have 11 out of 20 residents who are IMGs.

Q: Are letters required to be from US?
A: No

Q. Is ECFMG certification needed at the time of application or interview?
A: No, it is required before the start of training.